COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I still apply for admission for Fall 2020?
A: NDSU continues to accept applications for admission for first year and transfer students for this fall. See for procedures and the application.


Q: Will NDSU have face-to-face or online classes this fall?
A: We expect a return to in-person instruction, including most regular campus activities, for the fall 2020 semester. NDSU prides itself on a holistic educational experience. Students can get current information by reading the Fall 2020 Preliminary Plan.


Q: How will NDSU review transcripts that have Pass/Fail grades for the final term of the year when students apply for admission?
A: For students admitted for Fall 2020, we have already made an admission decision based on previous performance and grading on a P/F basis should not change the original decision for students. But, we would expect students to complete the term with passing grades, whether that’s on an A-F or P/F scale. Students who do not complete classes with passing grades will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and allowed the opportunity to provide information to fully understand the context of the situation.

As far as admission requirements go for future classes (Fall 2021 and beyond), as long as a student has been consistent and meeting expectations prior to the term with Pass/Fail and then stays consistent again after, earning grades on a Pass/Fail scale shouldn’t have a detrimental effect. 


Q: Can I commit after June 1? 
A: First year students are asked to make a decision about their attendance to NDSU by June 1. If the current situation makes it difficult for you to make a decision by June 1, we can work with you to extend that deadline. We encourage all students considering NDSU to complete applications and processes (admission and scholarship acceptance, housing application and room selection, orientation and registration) as if you will attend NDSU this fall. If your plans change, we can help you to defer your start term as necessary. 


Q: Can I defer my admission for a year?
A: We understand you may want to wait a term or two before beginning classes at NDSU. The current situation lends itself to a great deal of uncertainty. If you would like to defer your admission, please email us at and we will work with you to complete the necessary steps.


Q: Will the deadline to provide final transcripts be adjusted for this fall’s entering class?
A: NDSU will continue to be flexible with students who are unable to obtain materials due to school closures and stay at home orders. We will work with students on an individual basis to ensure documents are not a barrier to starting classes in the fall. Our deadline of July 1 for final transcripts (showing final term grades) can be extended for special circumstances. 


Q: How will NDSU evaluate and apply credit for students taking college credit as Pass/Fail? 
A: Transferrable course work taken for a pass/fail grade can be accepted in transfer to NDSU and would count towards general education requirements. If a course is a requirement for a major, the academic department decides if it counts toward meeting the program requirement. These are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Q: Will NDSU adjust the scholarship deadline for students applying for Fall 2021?
A: We will assess the deadline once we know whether tests can be administered in the summer and how stay at home orders may affect students’ ability to go to testing sites. 


Q: When will the application for Fall 2021 open?
A: Students interested in applying to NDSU may begin applying in August.


Q: How is NDSU communicating updates to students, faculty and staff regarding preparedness and response?
A: Please see for updates from NDSU’s response team. 


Q: Who should I contact if I still have questions?
A: Most Admission staff transitioned to a work from home arrangement to ensure their safety, but are still available to work with you. You can find a list of staff and contact information online. Know that we are here to help you through the transition and we are all very excited to be part of the next stage in your journey!