Make it Official

Because this may be a difficult time to make any big decisions, we are moving our commitment deadline to June 1. If you are ready to commit to NDSU we will happily welcome you to the NDSU family. We hope this gives you the time you need to gather information, have family conversations, and decide where you will spend your future.

We are excited for you to begin your experience at NDSU and can’t wait to see you on campus this fall. Let us know your plans by June 1, using the personalized link we emailed you, or simply email us at

Berea Mohr

"I wanted a top-notch business school, I felt comfortable with the average class size here and the community’s love for NDSU is incomparable. My professors have always been very responsive to my questions, and you can tell they truly want to help students succeed. Tuition is far less than similar programs. NDSU offers events for all majors, opportunities to join clubs for networking and online classes, which is really convenient for a very busy schedule. NDSU is the perfect fit."

Berea Mohr
Major: Business Administration
Hometown: Fargo, ND

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