Campus tours offer a unique perspective

Katlyn Balstad is the 16th member of her family to attend NDSU. But her family history didn’t guarantee her college choice. She still needed to visit campus to make sure it was the right fit for her.

Balstad remembers feeling welcomed by everyone when she arrived at NDSU for her visit. Helped by her older sister, who was an NDSU freshman at the time, Katlyn witnessed the student experience firsthand.

“I just thought the community here was wonderful,” she said “That’s ultimately why I chose NDSU.”

Balstad enjoyed her visit experience so much she became a campus tour guide as a freshman She now shows prospective students the campus she fell in love with. 

She often sees students from her tours on campus and is happy she is part of the reason they attended NDSU.

“Anytime I’m on campus and I recognize somebody from one of my tours or they recognize me it’s such a cool feeling knowing that I helped them get here,” she said.

Balstad encourages all prospective students thinking about NDSU to go on a campus tour. 

“I think you get a unique perspective on the university by touring it,” she said. “When you’re on a tour and you interact with a real student, it’s a good way to see if maybe this a good university, a good fit for you.” 

Start your own NDSU experience. Plan your own campus visit now.