Officers and Committees

Graduate Student Council Officers and Committees 

Our Graduate Student Council (GSC) is made up of student officers and faculty advisers. These groups work together to improve and maintain a standard of excellence in the graduate student experience. Get to know our officers and find opportunities to get involved in different committees within the GSC.

GSC Officers

Raihan Quader
Ph.D. Student, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering


Fazal Manan
Vice President
Ph.D. Student, Plant Pathology


Md Shariful Islam
Ph.D. Student, Mechanical Engineering


Koushik Howlader
Ph.D. Student, Computer Science

GSC Advisers

Joseph Szmerekovsky
Associate Dean and Professor of Transportation, Logistics, and Finance

Stefan Vetter
Research Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

GSC Committees

The GSC has four different committees each with a specific goal to serve the graduate student body. You may join any of the GSC committees of your interest to get involved. Please contact the respective committee chair(s) for more information.

Strategic Planning Committee

Addresses issues related to the graduate student body, such as health insurance and student activity fees.

Governance and Finance Committee

Supports and manages the budgetary planning and finances of the GSC and its committees.

Public Relations and Outreach Committee

Increases communication amongst graduate students across the NDSU community.

Programming and Professional Development Committee

Develops and carries programs that enhance learning and networking to graduate students.

GSC Position Descriptions
Graduate Student Council President
  • Is the principle executive officer
  • Presides at all meetings of the organization
  • Coordinates with the Scribe of the Graduate Student Council in preparing meeting agenda
  • Calls special meetings of the organization
  • Approves all activities coordinated by other officers and/or members
  • Appoints internal and external committee chairs without objection
  • Gives final approval for the annual budget
  • Is the final approving authority on committee or officer use of university allocated resources including university appropriated funds
  • Represents the Graduate Student Council in all matters of the University and State as needed
  • Acts as a liaison between the Graduate Student Council, NDSU Student Government, and the university officials
  • Performs other duties and responsibilities as required
  • Temporarily assumes duties and responsibilities of the President in case the President is on leave of absence
  • Coordinates all of the speakers for monthly meetings
  • Coordinates with all committee chairs
  • Serves as the Congress of Student Organizations (CSO) delegate
  • Coordinates with the Scribe of the Graduate Student Council in maintaining prope rmeeting minutes
  • Coordinates with the Treasurer of the Graduate Student Council in keeping trackof expenditures and deposits of funds
  • Keeps a record of all members of the organization
  • Keeps a record of all activities of the organization
  • Keep a record of all minutes of the organization
  • Maintain a record of all internal committee proceedings and special committee requests
  • Coordinate with the Public Relations and Outreach Chair for posting and distribution of information pertaining to the Graduate Student Council
  • Notify all members of meetings, via email, poster etc.
  • Prepare and file any report required by the University
  • Chairs the Governance and Finance Commission of the Graduate Student Council
  • Keeps all financial records for the organization and its committees
  • Prepares annual budget and all budget requests for funds
  • Maintains the master budget and special budget requests approved by the President
  • Prepares and submits financial reports to the members during general meetings
  • Becomes familiar with the University accounting procedures and policies
  • Coordinates with the President in approving special funding request
  • Coordinates any necessary fundraising along with the Scribe