International Student Scholarships

Applying for Scholarships as an International Student

We’re proud of the number of academically prepared international students who enter the university each year. Students applying for admission are encouraged to review the award opportunities below.

Scholarship Eligibility

New first-year undergraduate international students applying to NDSU are eligible for scholarship consideration based on the following criteria. To be considered, students must meet all requirements for full or conditional admission. You will be notified at the time of admission if you have been offered a scholarship award.  

Deadlines: You must be admitted to NDSU by May 1 (for August start) or December 1 (for January start).

World Education Services (WES) 
Letter Grade Average*
Scholarship Award
A+ or A $8,000
($1,000/semester for a maximum of eight semesters)
A-, B+, B  $4,000 
($500/semester for a maximum of eight semesters)


*Students not required to submit a WES evaluation may qualify for other NDSU Merit Awards.

Lorraine Murphy Global Diversity Scholarship

The Lorraine Murphy Endowed International Fund supports and enhances diversity at NDSU by providing scholarships for international students. This scholarship acknowledges international students who are committed to global diversity and intercultural awareness. 

This award is given based on the strength of each applicant's essay responses and the scholarship funds available. Students must be admitted to apply for this award. 

Eligible Term: Fall (August)
Deadline: April 1
Amount: $5,000 renewable

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