‘Fargo-Moorhead energizes entrepreneurship’

NDSU has classroom experiences and student organizations that help nurture, enhance and grow student entrepreneurship.

Students Kennedy Fields and Brianna Sutherland have creative business ideas and want to share them. But they didn’t know what campus resources were available to support them until they joined the NDSU entrepreneurship club.

“I felt like my first year at NDSU, I had that entrepreneurial mindset, but I didn’t know what that was, and I didn’t know anyone else who had it,” said Fields, a junior English and international studies student from Golden Valley, Minnesota.

That all changed when she joined the entrepreneurship club.

The club started a few years ago when students in entrepreneurship classes at the NDSU College of Business were looking for ways to explore their ideas outside of the classroom.

The goal of the club is to, “Build connections with students, build connections with the community and give students an opportunity to explore their ideas with support,” Fields said.

Outside of their regular meetings, the club hosts special events like the young entrepreneurs panel and speed date a mentor that gives students the ability to connect with the Fargo-Moorhead community.

“I think the Fargo-Moorhead area energizes entrepreneurship,” said Sutherland, a senior from Grand Rapids, Minnesota. “I love to see them want to energize our students in that way, too.”

Both Fields and Sutherland said the club isn’t exclusive to students who study business. Sutherland, a business administration student with an entrepreneurship minor, says her classes related to entrepreneurship enhance her experience in the club.

As someone who wants to build her own business one day, Sutherland appreciates the knowledge she gets from entrepreneurs she meets through the club and the practical experiences like product development in her classes.

“Entrepreneurs find what fuels them and that’s what they carry into what they choose to do,” she said. “We want students who come to the entrepreneurship club to leave more confident. Whether that’s with their experiences or their goals or their business idea, we want them to feel like they have the tools, the knowledge and the connections to the community that they need to go out and do it. We want to bring students together and energize creative minds.”

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