Build an environmentally sustainable future

Protecting the environment and creating new and better ways to manage natural resources has become a critical goal around the world. Many recent improvements come from policy changes and education.

NDSU’s environmental sustainability, outreach and policy emphasis in the natural resources management program helps students become leaders in the field by preparing them to strategically work on policy and public outreach with sustainable solutions to pressing environmental issues.

Heather Davis, a senior from Bismarck, North Dakota, chose the major for the broad range of courses and the chance to change things at the ground level.

“This emphasis is special because it ties more into the human side of managing natural resources,” Davis said. “It’s very important to understand the human aspect of this major in order to truly make a difference in management practices and understanding current environmental issues and effects on different populations.”

The emphasis includes hands-on research opportunities and in-depth courses ranging from environmental sociology, archaeology, urban ecosystem management and environmental policy. The curriculum helps students make a difference as policy makers, environmental advocates and teachers.

Natural resource management also includes entomology, rangeland ecology, rangeland livestock production, soil science, and water habitat and environmental management as options of emphasis within the major.

“I have learned about biological processes, ecosystems, practical management methods applied to different scenarios and environment conditions. Teaching and outreach methods and policy and environmental law also play a large role,” Davis said. “All of these interdisciplinary topics have opened my mind to how broad the topic of natural resources is and has sparked my interest and understanding of topics that have inspired new goals for both furthering my education and my future career.”