‘A great way to make connections’

NDSU students involved in student organizations gain critical skills while forming lasting relationships with peers and community leaders. 

There are 243 student organizations on campus, including many related to majors, special interests and club sports.

Organizations focused on academics, like Women in Business, give members industry connections that can lead to internships or full-time job opportunities. For marketing junior Megan Fletcher, being involved in Women in Business has led to two internships. 

“It gives you a talking point and it’s something to pull experience from,” she said. “Women in Business has helped immensely for both of my internships; one I would not have gotten without it and the second I don’t think I would have been able to get without the first.”

In interviews, Fletcher always highlights her involvement in both Women in Business and Bison Ambassadors. 

“It’s just a great way to make connections with other students as well as leaders in our community,” she said.

In addition to building valuable career experience, students joining organizations also gain a sense of community and belonging. The Gaming Guild is a perfect example. 

“We play games, we come and have fun and take a break from school,” said Hannah Mortinsen, a sophomore hospitality and tourism management major. The Gaming Guild meets regularly on Tuesday evenings, where members and guests can play one of the nearly 50 board, card and deck-building games provided by the organization.

“We pick the games we want to play for that day, and we just play,” she said. 

“Involvement within the organizations connects you with different people that have like interests, and it’s an easy way to connect with individuals that you can form long-lasting relationships with,” said McKenzie Weigel, the executive commissioner of the NDSU student government’s Congress of Student Organizations. 

Online tools like myNDSU make it easy to search for student organizations based on interest and joining those organizations is easy. Each year, NDSU hosts the Involvement Expo, which gives students the opportunity to meet club representatives in-person. The Congress of Student Organizations also can provide information if students want to create a new organization based on their interests. 

“Even if you’re debating getting involved, depending on how much time you have, I would still do it,” Weigel said. “It’s a super impactful tool to develop relationships and become part of the NDSU community.”

Get involved and start your NDSU experience today. It’s never been easier to apply for admission.