April 2, 2024

Fargo ranked top city in U.S. for Generation Z workers


Fargo recently was ranked by Checkr as the No. 1 city for Gen Z workers in 2024. 

Checkr analyzed key factors, including employment, affordability and social aspects to determine the best 25 cities across the U.S. Among the factors that make Fargo stand out include an impressive combination of affordability, ranking No. 4 overall, and employment factors, ranking No. 13 overall, making Fargo a great choice for young professionals in the workforce.

In addition to those metrics, Fargo is well-known for having a thriving art scene, a strong entrepreneurial spirit and plenty of green spaces, parks and recreational areas for outdoor enthusiasts.

The complete Checkr report can be found online.

Categories: Fargo-Moorhead
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