Account Holds

NDSU departments may place a "hold" on a student account for a variety of reasons as a means of prompting students to take action and complete a required task.

Students may view their holds at any time by logging in to Campus Connection. Current holds will be listed in the Tasks tile on the Student Homepage.

The Customer Account Services department will place a hold on a student account shortly after their balance owed becomes past due. This hold will prevent a student from:

  • Registering for future semesters,
  • Adding classes to the current semester,
  • Receiving a transcript, and/or
  • Receiving a diploma

Additional holds may also be placed on the account due to prior collection history or uncashed refund checks.

Please contact the Customer Account Services department with questions regarding any hold related to past due balances or prior collection history.

Registration Exceptions

Students are expected to pay their prior semester charges in full before registering for future semester classes, as stated in the Financial Obligation Agreement. However, realizing that unforeseen circumstances may arise, NDSU will occasionally make a one-time exception and allow a student to register for a future semester despite a past due balance. Examples of common scenarios are below. To receive this exception, the student must demonstrate that they have developed a clear and manageable plan to promptly resolve the outstanding balance. Exceptions are not guaranteed. Additionally, failure to adhere to the terms of the agreement will result in the cancellation of registration.


  • The student has applied and been approved for a private loan, but is waiting for the funds to disburse.
  • The student is willing to pay the balance owed, in full, by a specific date in the near future.
  • The student wishes to set up a short-term payment plan.
  • The student is waiting for their financial aid to disburse.
  • The student is a National Guard member waiting for reimbursement.
  • The student is returning after a collection agency referral.

Please note: If none of the scenarios above apply, or if you'd prefer to meet face-to-face with a C.A.S. representative, please use the exception form to submit your request for an appointment. Drop-in appointments are also available at Ceres 302 during regular business hours but please note that a contract will still be required.

To request an exception:

  1. Log in to Campus Connection.
  2. Click on the NDSU eForms tile.
  3. Under Customer Account Services, select “Past Due Balance Exception”.

Before submitting the request, please confirm that you have completed ALL requirements outlined within the contract to avoid processing delays and/or the denial of your application. The submission of this form does not cause the registration hold to be lifted.

Transcript/Diploma Exceptions

Students are expected to pay their student account in full before transcripts and/or diplomas are released. Exceptions may be made in instances where the academic records is required to secure a scholarship or employment. The student must commit to a short-term payment plan and the documents will be sent to the organization, not the student. To inquire about exercising this option, email