Obtain ID & Password

  1. If you are unsure whether or not you have already claimed your System ID:
    1. Access the Have I claimed my account? page
    2. Enter your Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy) and EMPLID (or 7-digit Student ID number), and click [Continue].

    3. The resulting screen will either display your UserID (typically in the firstname.lastname format) or you will receive a message that says, "The information you entered does not match any users currently in the system."
      • If your information was found, use your UserID and password to log in to the system
      • If your information was not found in the system, proceed with claiming your account in Step 2 
  2. Access the Claim an NDUS account page

  3. Answer the 12-question Acceptable Use Quiz

  4. Enter your Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy) and EMPLID (or 7-digit Student ID number), and click the [Continue] button

  5. The resulting screen will display the UserID you should use when you log in to Campus Connection. The normal format for this ID is firstname.lastname. Click [Continue]
  6. Enter and confirm your new password, and click [Save].
    1. The password must contain between 8 and 16 characters from three of the following four categories:
      • English uppercase characters (A through Z)
      • English lowercase characters (a through z)
      • Base 10 digits (0 through 9)
      • Non-alphanumeric characters ` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ * ( ) _ + - = { } | [ ] \ : " ; ? , . /
    2. Passwords cannot contain your name or user name
    3. NO spaces are allowed 
  7. Provide answers to at least 3 of the Authentication Questions (to be used for recovering your password), and click [Save].
Returning Students (after lapse in enrollment)

If you have experienced a lapse in enrollment of at least one semester (excluding summer term) you must request reactivation/readmission to be able to register for classes. You will need to complete an Undergraduate Reactivation/Petition for Readmission Form and submit it to the Office of Registration and Records. 

New Students

New students are notified either by email or postal mail of their Student ID (a.k.a. EMPLID) after making application. This may have been sent by NDSU or by another North Dakota institution to which you applied. Please bring this information with you to New Student Orientation and Registration, or have