Financial Obligation Agreement

Each semester that a NDSU student registers for classes they are required to electronically sign and agree to the terms of the North Dakota University System Financial Obligation Agreement (FOA). By doing so, you acknowledge that you understand that NDSU is advancing value to you in the form of educational services; that your right to attend classes is expressly conditioned upon your agreement to pay the University pursuant to the Agreement; and that you have read, understand, and agree to pay the University pursuant to the Agreement.

When you register for classes, spaces in classes are reserved for you. Decisions about how many class sections to offer and other commitments of instructional resources are made based on the enrollment data provided after the registration process is complete. Other students may be closed out of a preferred section if the last available space is reserved for you. In exchange for the University's commitment of resources on your behalf, you assume a responsibility to:

  • Pay the fees assessed for those classes, and
  • Follow proper procedure to notify the University by the published Deadlines if you are unable to attend so that the class spaces may be released and made available to other students.

Before registration begins for an upcoming semester, an FOA hold will be placed on each student's account, which prevents registration. After the FOA has been read and electronically signed, the registration hold will be automatically removed.

As a student, you will pay all tuition, fees, fines, and other costs imposed by the University. If any of those charges remain unpaid, you may be charged the University's cost of collection, including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys' fees, collection fees, and court costs.

The University will not automatically cancel your registration for non-payment or non-attendance. Therefore, if you decide not to attend NDSU, it is imperative that you follow the proper Withdrawal Procedures. If you do not properly request that your registration be canceled, your name will appear on the class rosters, and you will remain responsible for full fees until such time as you complete a total withdrawal through the Office of Registration and Records and will be subject to the NDSU Withdrawal Schedule. If you are still on the final rosters for the term, you may receive grades of "F" for the courses in which you were registered.

Instructions for Accepting the FOA

​ ​ Financial Obligation Agreement (full content)

The FOA provides an overview on the following topics

  • Account holds
  • Attendance and participation
  • Collection practices
  • Communication
  • Data accuracy
  • Drop and withdrawal procedures
  • Due dates
  • Financial aid/assistance eligibility and third party payers
  • Late payment fees