Academic Progress / Academic Standing

What is Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) / Academic Standing

Federal regulations require that a student meet basic academic progress standards to receive federal financial aid. This is known as Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). There is also standards for academic progress, which is related to your eligibility for enrollment as opposed to your eligibility for financial aid.  The Office of Financial Aid notifies students of failure to meet SAP; Registration and Records notifies students of any academic defeciencies.

Financial Aid SAP

NDSU is required to monitor its student’s academic progress to ensure that they maintain a minimum standard GPA and make steady progress toward degree completion. Students who do not meet SAP standards may lose their financial aid eligibility.

Academic Standing

Academic progress is measured by grades and credits earned. To be eligible to register continuously without restrictions, an undergraduate or Pharm.D. student must maintain good academic standing, which is defined as a minimum cumulative institutional grade point average of 2.00 (4.00 scale). Students are notified at the end of a semester via NDSU email if they become academically deficient.